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I'm thinking about selling my honda civic (sloooooooooow) and buying a car that is a bit faster.
Does anyone here own a dodge stealth? If so can you tell me if it would be worth it? What kind of gas mileage does it get?
I would more than likely get the NA version just because i don't think I could afford the insurance on the twin turbo version. I've been turned off to Mitsubishi 3000gt because someone said the insurance was really high...I wonder if it would be any different on the stealth? It is the same car almost but the stealth's are selling for a lot cheaper. If the insurance would be the same i would definitely go for the mitsubishi just because...i like it a little better than the stealth.
And here's a question i really hope someone can answer - do superchargers have the ability to be turned on and off? and if so...would i be able to set one up that squeezed about 15 psi at the flick of a switch? someone said that the 89 toyota mr2 had a supercharger with an on/off capability that would turn it off at low engine load. i like the idea of being able to have a daily-driveable car (gas mileage wise) that has the ability to go silly fast at the flick of a switch. NOS is not appealing to me as it is an expensive and short-lived boost of speed.

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Well, this is an interesting question.

The Stealth and the 3000GT are the exact same cars and you will pay the exact same amount for auto insurance. Just remember that the Stealth stopped production in 1996 and the 3000GT ceased in 1999, I believe, someone correct me if I am wrong. Taking this into mind you will pay more in insurance for a 1999 3000GT than you will for a 1996 Stealth. They both get descent gas mileage, you can expect around 25-30 on the free way to be the average as long as you aren't mashing the throttle.

As far as your supercharger idea goes. I haven't ever heard of one that you can turn on and off though it is completely logical. You must remember that if that were a possibility you could not use it like nitrous. You would only be able to switch it on if the car were idle. It would work the same as a boost controller for a turbo. Just switching it on while driving could damage the unit and the engine. I think you would be better off buying the TT because you get better gas mileage with a turbo than you will with a supercharger. And you also would get all wheel drive and all wheel steering. Both are very nice things to have.

Hope this helps you out some. Good luck, and if you have any more questions feel free to ask me.

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I'm the owner of a '95 base stealth and a '94 Mitsubishi VR4 (the VR4 was dead when I bought it, and is a project waiting till I'm done with school) but, I may be just an odd fanatic, but I think these are the best cars on earth** (in my price range). The way these specific vehicals are designed are amazing. They are a little hevy, about 3,500lbs curb weight, and are not the fastest thing out there, but offer amazing speed and agility for the light HP and gas milage they requier. The base (SOHC) models (depending on the year) are stock about 160-165HP (keep this in mind: my base can go 147MPH before redline). The ES (DOHC) is 220HP, R/T 220HP, and am really unsure about the exact for the R/T TT, but am sure it is around 300HP. Very sturdy cars, especailly if you find one in good condition with a sturdy chasis. The catch is finding a descent one. The Mitsu's had some higher production numbers, and are significanly more expensive, pluss, I prefer the stealth body styles on the '94-'96. I'm in the southern Michigan area and looked for 4 1/2 months to find one, and the best one with the lowest miles was a base. I would opt for an ES, or an R/T (providing your have better selection than I did), as the R/T TT's are nice but ridiculouly priced and yes, the insurance company will love you. Another thing to consider is that the Value of a Mitsu' is more, so the insurance premium will be too. Mitsu's come stock with leather and an LED screen for the heating/cooling display. However, I feel the Stealth is better bang for the buck!! As far as the supercharger, it does sound possible (the switch), but I would learn more more about it (turbo too) before I would jump into one. Turbo is less maintenience (arguable), and is aesier to tune because it's free power, where as a supercharger has to be planned and plotted so you get more of a power gain than it pulls from your crank shaft, if you can't do all of this yourself, it is VERY pricy!!. The turbo you can control and adjust with less than $200 in aftermarket boost gauges, an air sensor thing, and boost controler. Wish you luck on finding what's right for you!

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Very informative post RushHour0to60. I have a friend who owns a 1998 3000GT Base. I'm gonna tell him about this forum. You two should get along ;)

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thanks for the input guys! HIGHLY appriciated! and RushHour0to60, it would be nice to see a couple of your babies' pics :)

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Can you up-load pics in this forum without having a URL for them??

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ummm if you want a fast car, go for a eagle talan tsi, its smaller, just as fast, and doesnt have that many problems, stealths are costly and leak a lot, and their parts are so expensive, talons are much better!

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My neighbor has a 96 stealth R/T and its all right, but not amazing. There are plenty of other cars out there that are just as fast or faster and cost less. Just do some research, you'll find something for yourself. I agree with neonlover on th TSI, They are very fast cars, just talk to DSMer(a member on this forum) about the TSI, he owns one.

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you might be able to mod a supercharger by changing its pully with an electric clutch much like the ones on A/C compressors, although there is a considerable size difference between the pulleys. u might be able to work something out

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what the hell does that have to do with anything? I think you posted this on the wrong thread...

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Read the second half of the first post in this thread.

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First off this is coming from someone that currently owns a R/T. This is the most reliable vehicle that i've ever owned and one of the most fun at the same time. For those that asked the 91-93 TT is 300 HP and the 94-96 is 320 HP(changed b/c of a restrictor removed which you can do yourself) As for the TSI i'm going to have to disagree. The quickest time that I found for the TSI STOCK was 6.4 0-60. Thats only half a second faster than my much heavier NA. Not all that impressive to me considering the TSI has all-wheel-drive giving it a quicker launch and it has about 500lb of advantage. If my R/T was the same weight it'd prolly run right with it. Now for all of you that won't like that statement remember I'm speaking of STOCK vehicles. Also the stealth looks WAY better than the TSI in my mind. As for the supercharger if you're concerned about insurance i'd skip it. If you add a supercharger to the NA stelath and tell the insurance company about it you'll prolly be paying just as much if not more than if you got the TT plus you wouldn't have all-wheel-drive like the TT. Then again if you don't tell them don't expect them to fix your vehicle if you wreck it. Also with a supercharger on a NA stealth you'd wanna look into a LSD and they aren't that cheap. I'm currently looking to sell my stealth but it's not because of any problems with it. It's been a blast owning it but it's time for me to upgrade to the TT now that i'll be able ot afford the insurance. People always give me compliments on it and are suprised when they find out it's a 91. They seem to think it's newer because of the miles and style. That alone is worth the half a second to me :wink2:

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