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So i Have a 98 mustang cobra and i'm looking to make it a little bit quicker no serious upgrades liek dropping a new enging in it or anythign liek that but somthign that's gona b a few grand price doesn't really matter (to a point) i don't know anybody have any idea's on how i can get the most power for my money?

posted by  l3ordum

A few grand can get you a long ways, especially since you already have a Cobra, you have a huge starting point then. I recommend giving me 1 grand, then spending 2-3 grand more on a supercharger.

Or start from the little stuff and work your way up= CAI, not sure which exhaust you have but you can probably get something that will open it up slightly more, put on some headers, get a chip in there, and then you've got quite a start. All that will cost you umm, around 1000-1200 I'd say if you go with quality parts and can install some of the stuff yourself.

posted by  Flame Roller

hah i don't have an extra grand sorry. yea but thanks sounds good any idea's where i can find chips for the car or superchargers? i've looked at a bunch of sites and ordered a mustangs unlimited catalog haven't seen any chips tho. one more thing how hard is that stuff to put it i mean i have a basic knowleg of cars an i'm pretty handy when it comes to tools but a supercharger seems liek it would be a little tricky to install?

posted by  l3ordum the forums, those guys will help you out.

posted by  Flame Roller

A supercharger is all fine and well but that's going to cost an arm and a leg and trying to install one isn't for the shade-tree mechanic. Also, if you install a supercharger, you can expect your car to swill gas like someone punched a hole in the can't just bolt on a s/c and expect everything to be also need to upgrade your fuel pump, fuel injectors, fuel pressure regulator, ignition system, MAF meter as well as have a chip custom burned on a dyno to get everything to work in perfect harmony.

I would recommend basic stuff...cold air intake, underdrive pulleys, larger MAF meter, mid-length headers, off-road X-pipe or a high flow catted X-pipe, a good after-cat exaust system as well as gears(anything from 3.73-4.30 will work nicely). If you have a manual trans, go with a centerforce dual friction clutch and a short throw shifter...if you have an automatic trans, install a quality brand shift kit and a higher stall convertor. Then have a chip burned specifically for you will spend about half of what you spend on a supercharger kit alone and get almost as much bang for your you can always install "the juice" for when you need a little extra power.....

With those mods(less the nitrous) you should be able to turn low-13 to high-12 second quarter mile times on slicks...with nitrous you should be deep in the 12 second zone.

posted by  Sick88Tbird

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