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you do the math im going whith the muscle car what do you think?

posted by  toyota

....You're an idiot.

posted by  88GrandPrixSE

As is true with everything, it all depends on what you're going to DO with the car. I can have as much fun in light sports cars with 4 cyls as I can in big inch musclecars. Why do we HAVE to fight about it all the time? Are you that insecure with your own choices?

posted by  ChrisV

i totally agree with that. They are both good. The muscle cars were the originals and the imports and sh*t are the new generation. It all has pros and cons but I love them both. I can look at a nice impreza decked out and say damn thats sweet, then see a charger fully balled and say, damn thats sweet. Appreciate cars

posted by  OneyOzFest182

While one is NOT better than the other, I do favor muscle cars more, its just a natural preference for me. I would rather have a Pontiac GTO than a Dodge SRT-4. They're both great cars, but I would rather have the V8 under my hood.

posted by  moostang104314

1.5 liters is the size of a soft drink, not an engine. Imports are more about finesse and handling as well as economy...I say to hell with all that...I'll sacrifice ultra-tight handling for pulling the front wheels a foot off the ground...and economy doesn't bother me one lick. IN MY OPINION...any car the you have to put some form or combination of power adders to get into the low-13's is a waste.

I don't hate imports, I just don't like 4-cyl cars in general.....you give me a new civic and a complete NSX drivetrain and I'm going to have some fun.

posted by  Sick88Tbird

And that fineess and handling is why thinking about it in purely drag racing terms is ridiculous. You need to open your mind and truly experience cars like a BMW 2002, X1/9, Miata, etc in their proper environment: a road race track or slalom race track. Yes, gobs of power is fun, but so are high cornering speeds. Trust me, a Miata on sticky tires on an autocross course will feel as violent (and in many cases, feel faster than) a 9-10 second musclecar on the strip.

posted by  ChrisV

I agree that the 4cyl cars boogie around the track ! But you can have a V-8 muscle car that handles like it's on rails too. My vette corners insane, some of the muscle cars I've seen on the Hot Rod Power tour are built for that reason. A 1969 Camaro lowered 21/2 inches, full Hotchkis suspension with 17in wheels that's gonna screw around the track too. I guess as long as your getting that smile per mile factor! DRIVE ON !!!!!!!!!! :thumbs: :thumbs:

posted by  ode94

I've built and driven a lot of them, including a big block powered Fox Mustang with Global West suspension bits to pul over 1 G laterally.



Doesn't make me stop liking cars like my Fiat or other sports and GT cars like the original CRX Si or Miatas. I put a nearly 400 hp Ford V8 in my '86 RX7 sport and went autocrossing, but that doesn't mean that light, agile cars like an X1/9 aren't any fun...


As much cornering force the larger cars have, there is something to be said about lightweight, finesse, and agility.

posted by  ChrisV

I would mauch rather have a car that could tool around a track then one that could go down the strip in 8-9 seconds.

But hey, thats just me.

posted by  Zalight

After seeing and hearing some great muscle cars at a recent Super Chevy show--not to mention my mechanic's 9 sec. '76 Nova--I prefer the muscle cars. But I have ridden in the SRT-4 and wouldn't mind having one. :mrgreen:

posted by  GirlieGurl

I would prefer any old muscle car. In the present day, they are hard to come by, which makes them unique. But that can be a con also, because unique=expensive. That is why i think that tuners have become more popular with younger drivers, and eventually every one because high school kids can't afford 150 bucks a week for gas. back in 1970, High school kids were tricking out camaro's and mustangs because they were cheap and easy to do. now high schoolkids are doing the same to JDM stuff for the same reasons.

posted by  Zepplin89

I think something like this would be a real buzz:

http://www.zcars.org.uk/mini/mini-single.htm fitted with the Hyabusa Turbo Suzuki engine.

posted by  Wally

damn that's crazy!!

posted by  antiJDM

I obviously prefer classic musclecars, BUT I can appreciate the technology, engineering and quality that goes into the import stuff... my daily driver is an Acura, and my motorcycle is a Honda. My last driver was a Volvo with a turbo four, I wish I had that car back, it was super fast and easy to make even faster...

Back in the late '60's and early '70's, it was an automotive milestone to get 1hp per cubic inch out of a production car, now they're getting 1hp per cubic centimetre... that's damn impressive! You get 4 bangers putting out the same hp as a big-block V8 in a car that's one-third the weight!

I saw a pay-per-view special years ago called "Imports vs. Domestic", it was drag racing of pimped out 4 bangers going against classic muscle. I sat down to watch this thinking, "let's see some muscle kick some ricer ass"! I was in for a big surprise, the imports crushed the muscle! Granted, they were all heavily modified, while the muscle cars were stock, but this was a few years ago and today, you can buy high hp stuff right from the dealer.

You still can't beat the sound, feel, launch and sheer coolness of a RWD muscle car though! Just my :2cents: worth!

posted by  DragonRider69

i just can't stand the sound of an import going 20 miles an hour, and it sounding like its going 100, i would choose to ride a bike then drive an import sorry thats just my opinion

posted by  xCaMaRox67

I own both, one gets me to work and one gets me to the track. The one that gets me to work would suck at the track and the one that goes to the track sucks driving to work so they both have their good points. Anyway we are talking Apples & Oranges... :screwy:

Whatever you can afford or whatever you what to drive is better for that person. This better crap is just S**t stirring if you ask me. Drive what you want and who cares what the rest say. :screwy:

I haven't seen to many 50 year old Ricers and I also haven't seen a lot of 16 year old muscle car drivers so its more about 'the generation' and 'the times' then about whats better.

posted by  fc7gtx

I have a rwd v-8 car because I enjoy the power, but it also makes sense for me because I live 15mins from Atco Raceway. The nearest road course is in Englishtown and I can't possibly forsee driving any car that far to flog it on a road course then drive home...plus road racing is more expensive than just heading down to the drags every now and then.

The sound of a 4-banger at 6500rpm just screams "come and get me", whether it's a nearby cop or a late-model ninja f-body. I hate this new age "ricer" business...it's not so much the cars I hate rather than the people. I've spent some time behind an early-90's 240sx and it was a fun car...no it wasn't a rocket but it was sure-footed, even on the skinny stock tires. I don't mind if people want to make a show car out of these little imports...that I can appreciate, especially when it's packed with trick one-off pieces that the owner spent days working on...but don't pack your civic with 500lbs of audio equipment, 20" spinners, fart can mufflers, and aluminum pic-nic tables and then try to pull up on me like a hardass....people like that are a waste of a human body.

And that's my rant.

posted by  Sick88Tbird

Thats great, i feel the same way!!!

posted by  xCaMaRox67

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