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Just recently I have incountered idling problems with my 94 Ford Tempo GL 2.3L. When I start the car the RPM's run around 1.5, normal I know when cold. I shift the car into drive the RPM's fall to around 900, a little high not by much. When I am driving the car picks up speed on it's own, I don't have to touch the gas. When I brake and come to a stop the RPM's are around 1000. WHen I shift it into park the RPM's raise to 1.5 to 2. I know they should be around 800 to 900. I changed the air idle control valve but still have this problem. Sometimes the care runs great but for the most part still have this problem. I find that if I remove the wire connection to the air idle control valve then reapply it the car idles find till I shift it out and back into park. What can be wrong ? and were does that wire connection run to ?


posted by  sean_hawn19

I have the same problem with my 1994. I also had an 89 Topaz. It drove me home one night at 80 km/hr and I never did touch the gas. Took it to Ford dealership and they charged me 2400.. dollars. They were not able to tell me what was wrong after having the car for almost a month. They went on a parts replacement mission and tried to cure the problem from what I could see. The same problem came back within a week. So now I am obviously watching your post to see if anyone knows how to fix it because there is no way I'll go back to FORD to have them fix the problem. Good luck

posted by  poor ford owner

check the gas pedal cable might be jamming alittle in the casing or the return springs on the throttle might be rusted/weak and not returning the throttle plate to idle position

posted by  osborste

the same thing happened on my sisters dodge caravelle (completely different car but similar problem as you described it). we brought it to our trusty dodge dealer as he is a relation of ours, but they couldn't find the problem with it. it turned out to be a bad intake gasket.

the only good method i know of to test the intake gaskets are to spray around them with starter fluid and see if the engine revs up.

hopefully someone will have a better idea for both of our benefits.

i hate FI

posted by  carls47807

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