what would you pay for a 400ci small block chevy?

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i would like to know how much to pay for a 400 small block. it has a rebuild kit headers and a holley 650 cfm carb. and is painted red. a friend of mine is selling it but he toled me to make an offer on it. what would you guys pay ?

posted by  talongod33

That's kind of a tough question to answer without knowing the condition of the block. Has it been bored and, if so, to what spec. Is the engine assembled AND running or in a basket? I wouldn't be "pumped" about any paint as I would rather see the bare cast. A coat of paint can cover a multitude of sins. Headers can be beneficial, but will they fit with your application?
The 400 SB had a reputation of over heating issues due to the siamesed cylinder construction. While many a hot rodder went to great measures drilling steam passages, it hasn't really been conclusive that the issue was in fact, due to the design, but maybe improper setup. (Don't knoe fer sure)
To sum it up my friend, I (personally) would offer up 4 or 5 Ben Franklin's and see how excited he would be to unload it.
Good luck to ya'. Maybe someone else on this board may give you a better idea.

posted by  vortec

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