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I have a 88 Ford Tempo. The first trouble is the wipers. From the time I got the car 7yrs and 90K miles ago the wipers skipped unless there was a lot of water. I changed wiper blades and brands a dozen times. I tryed bending the arms in and out slightly. Nothing helps. Could there be somethng on the windshield or a bad wiper motor. Any help. :banghead:

The second question I have is the Tempo headlights don't seem to work well. They have been adjsuted the light itself is very bright. The healight bucket is oxidized, but I 've never seen that impack the light like this. Has anyone had trouble were the headlight switch or high beam switch is dropping some current and impacking the wattage at the headlight. This problem seems to have creeped up thru the years. Any ideas :doh:

posted by  jnswhit

Do you mean that it doesn't keep the arm tight on the windshield? Or it jerks? or what? If it's not staying tight against the windshield you most likely need a new wiper arm, the spring is probably worn, 17 years old after-all.

The lenses are probably just oxidized. If it has sealed beams, change them. If it's composite unit, well, you can change the lens if you wanted too, but that's usually pricey.

posted by  88GrandPrixSE

With an older model Tempo you might be able to pull those parts at a junkyard..could be a cheap fix for now.

posted by  GirlieGurl

Sorry, but why are you fixing up an '88 tempo anyway?

posted by  jdubya

That's called repairs not fixing up. Most people like to have a car that most options work, especially when they're so cheap to fix.

posted by  88GrandPrixSE

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