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i am looking to start building a 2.3L turbo engine. I own 1 N/A 2.3 block in my 81 stang. a possible start? I can find plenty others if not. the motor is probably going in a Ranger. Haven't decided. If anyone could help me out on where to start on my engine please let me know. Sick88Tbird hit me back if you read this, you know your stuff about em'. Would you go Fuel Inj. or Carb? ranger or mustang? Looking to build a street/strip ride, A sleeper ya know. :sleep: some body help. appreciate it.

posted by  NoahT

What 2.3 block? Is the block from the 81 Mustang? If you want a sleeper, drop in a 5.0. H.O. and slam a supercharger on it. You'll get about 300hp out of it with other slight mods after, maybe a bit more.

Motor be worth about $400, supercharger about $1500, other minor parts such as cold air intake about $200, you'd have a low to mid 13 (best guess) second car for about 2 grand.

posted by  88GrandPrixSE

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