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Looking for an Eagle talon 93 or 94 Tsi, pref. White or black. Any opinions, help, links, anything. Need for car to fix up while a student at a Tech. School.

posted by  waterfish_21

where are you located, and try going to dsmtrader.com

posted by  PGT4Life

How much do you want to spend??
I have a 1991 yellow talon with a new motor.....

posted by  Rockn-A-T88

May I ask why a '93 or '94? Really if you're going to be specific, you should be looking for an early '92 model car (visually the same), but they came with a 6 bolt motor and a 4 bolt rearend (the best of engine and drivetrain combo's). I forgot when the mfg date has to be, I think it's before March or June of 1992 (do a search on dsmtuners, I remember a thread about this recently). Then, you get the looks of the '93-'94 with the heavy duty 4 bolt rear end and the better 6 bolt motor of 90-91, it's really the best of all worlds.

posted by  Bino

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