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I just got my first car. It's a '93 Automatic Ford Escort. To be honest, the car is in excellent condition for being 12 years old. Interior, paint, engine, etc. are all in good condition. Lol, it's even got all 4 stock rims (actually, they're hubcaps :clap: )! Now, I know that's an ideal racecar/pimpmobile, etc...but, I know I can atleast improve on it, right??

Anyways, I wanna make it a little quicker you know, maybe add some hp or something. All I've thought about getting so far is a new air filter (high quality one of course). I don't know enough about cars to know what else to get that wouldn't just plain 'ol 'not work' on an Escort.

Also, I wanna make it look cool! Is there any place that possibly (still) sells body kits for older Ford Escorts? I know that sounds dumb, but body kits can work wonders!

Of course, since I don't know much about cars and I just got this car, hopefully you'll can suggest mildly cheap/easy stuff to do.

You'll want me to post any pics of the outside/interior/engine or anything? I can if you'll need me to.

Oh, also...I posted on some other forums about trying to make my car sound new exhaust or something. And basically, they told me "buy a new car" lol. So are they ignorant, or can a Ford Escort only sound crappy?

Thanks so much guys! Sorry if these questions were dumb/n00bish :ohcrap: .

Edit: One last thing...the headlights are kinda foggy (like,the actual plastic you know) so they look really crappy. Is it worth it to buy some nice new ones that are crystal clear for looks?

Again, thanks!

posted by  MasterChief1128

a few easy and cheap things would be: get a new intake system, new exhaust, and some nology spark plug wires. all these together might get you around 10-15 horspower. i would get the new headlights, they're fairly cheap.

posted by  Import-tuner

If you wanted a cool car you should'nt have bought a Ford Escort in the first place... Spare yourself a waste of money and just put gas in the thing until you can afford a better car to "fix up".

posted by  DSMer

Took the words right outta my mouth.

posted by  88GrandPrixSE

How much would all of that cost Import? And could you give me links to some parts that would work with my car?

posted by  MasterChief1128

you may actually get a little more HP. it would cost about: $250 for the intake,$500 for the exhaust, $275 for the header, and $200 for the spark plugs. check and

posted by  Import-tuner

Out of those 3 things, which would give me the best overall HP boost? And how much would that be?

And also, how much of a HP boost would all 3 of those give me?

posted by  MasterChief1128


Best out of all those you can do would be a cold air intake. You could probably get one made for about $50. Then the filter would cost another $50.

I wouldn't suggest putting that much money into that car, after all's said and done, it's still a Ford.

posted by  88GrandPrixSE

I see what you're trying to do. Cutting corners is'nt the best way out of this. None of the mods accumulative will give you anything more than 15-30HP. You generally don't see much horsepower gains in the initial mods. There are some intakes for your car on for $150. I know pace setter makes headers for your car that run at about $280(black) $380(armour coat). A nice exhaust from pace setter will also run you a good $320. You can also get some prefabbed Magnaflow pipes and weld you up a nice custom exhaust :hi: .

Umm... $200 spark plugs are a little excessive for a 4 cylinder car. Besides all of that shit should have been updated when you changed the cars oil etc...

posted by  DSMer

:orglaugh: :orglaugh:

posted by  DodgeRida67


Anyways, I might just get a cold air intake though.

Also, I haven't been able to find any body kits for my car. Do they not make them for old Ford Escorts?

And last, what would be an ideal NEXT car that I could easily mod to be quick and look nice? Civic? Keep in mind I'm a 16 year old who makes $5.50 an hour, so yeah we're looking at about $2,000 max for a car.

Thanks guys, sorry I ask dumb questions :doh: .

posted by  MasterChief1128

Maybe for 2 grand you could buy an old Toyota MR2.

posted by  jdubya

yeah, that's what I'm thinking about, either that or a 3.5L 93 camaro. Civics are too common, I would suggest against it, but if that's what you want to do, then go for it. 2 grand won't get you a very nice civic, though. My suggestion is to live off this escort through high school and save up for a nice car that won't die on you, then mod it to your heart's desire.

5.50 an Hour?????? the minimum wage in this state is 7.35, where do you live?

posted by  Godlaus

Thanks for the tips guys!

And I'm from Texas. Where the hell are you from? Minimum wage here is $5.15...

Argh, I knew there had to be atleast one bad thing about living in Texas :wink2: .

posted by  MasterChief1128

Sorry for the double post...

Could someone link me to a new intake and filter that would work well with my car?


posted by  MasterChief1128

here in cali min wage is $6.75, but thigns cost a lot more. to buy a normal sized house your looking at $400,000+ easy. Going out to dinner is like 20-30 dollars a plate, but cars are the same price haha. so i dont care.

posted by  Import-tuner

$400,000!?!?! We payed like $250k for ours and it's big. And $20-$30 a plate?! Holy crap! Here, for like a full rack of ribs at a nice restaraunt it's like about $15.


posted by  MasterChief1128

you are talking price??? come to NYC ughhh damn crap... for piece of junk house you need to pay at least 500.000$ in average area. I think they consider to raise lowest earning to 7$ something per hour. THis place stinks.. Bloomberg wants this city to be the most expensive city in US

posted by  mumin

I live in chicago and everything is pretty cheap. For 200k-300k you can get a nice house. Depending on the neighborhood it may be even cheaper.

posted by  redredd

Who the **** cares about houses. Can you tae a car down the 1/4?? hell no!! so to answer the question.... wait what was the question? any way, my house was 98000 and it's 4000 square feet.

posted by  Zepplin89

You need to think about all the little things that can be changed in like a half hour like:
spark plugs (Platinum 4's)
" '' wires
oil and filter
get a "filter-charger" from fram
ram air
cold air
lower it
rims (kinda expesive but it lowers the weight under the suspension)
Chip it (ODB1)
Code It( odb2)
weight reduction if it's not for hauling people

this should be a good stating point

posted by  Zepplin89

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