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I suffer from dumb girl syndrome, and I am trying to change my spark plugs, I got the front three done, and I cannot find (online, in my manual or with my own eyes) the other three, anyone who can tell me where they are or give me some sort of website to go to,,, if i could just look at a picture, I could get 'er done, but I can't find the stupid things in the first place

posted by  mbsnodgrass68

Haha, this is almost comical because its a FWD transverse mounted V6 engine. The last 3 spark plugs are alll the way in the back of the engine bay towards the cabin. You'll probably have to remove quite a few things to get to them. If I were you'd i'd have somone who know what they are doing help you with those last 3. OR you can go to PepBoys and buy a Haynes manual and it will show you what you have to do to change the spark plugs.

More than likley it will involve removing the intake(that big metal thing on top of the engine looks like it has short stubbie legs). Again find somone who knows what they are doing to help you with it if you're not comforatable taking off a few parts...

posted by  DSMer

I am actually okay with tearing my car apart, I've always been around them, but dually treated like a dumb girl, so I know HOW to do things (kinda) but don't know the actual names for things. But before I go buy the book, which I might just do anyway, would I have to take off the metal part or the distributer? That is what the plastic thing behind the motor is right? The front three spark plugs or the wires that attach to them, they go back, and then divide into six smaller wires, but the 'plugs' that these attach to are much smaller, eh well, or I could just wait, but thanks again for the input.

posted by  mbsnodgrass68

No you won't have to take off the distributer cap, unless you're replacing it. No front 3 wires don't divide into 6 smaller wires. Those other 3 wires that you see going from the distributor cap are where the other 3 spark plugs wires. If you follow them back as far as you can go you'll get an idea of where the other 3 sparkplugs are. Wich will let you know what has to be removed to get to them...

posted by  DSMer

well thanks again, and last thing before i either give up or go destroy my car :D do I need to go after them from the top or the bottom. The way are you talking, it sounds like it would be easier to go at it from underneath the car?

posted by  mbsnodgrass68

i've got a 97 3100 the back 3 plugs are hard to do but the worst is the one under the alternater behind the bracket women have smaller hands you might not have much trouble with this one the other two arn't to bad found it to be easier to go at it from the driver side not the front or passanger side to tight and leaning over the motor under the car to much stuff in the way plus the cars in the air you gotta reach even higher up now good luck

posted by  osborste

YOU DO NOT HAVE TO REMOVE ANYTHING! its just a retarded engineer, i suggest a nice magnet pick up tool before attempting to change, it helped me big time. Make sure your car is cool because you will most likely drop the spark plugs at least once and it is right beside your heat shield for your exhaust headers. THIS DOES REQUIRE LOTS OF PATIENCE!!!!

also you should get a whiteout pen and number the wires to the corresponding cyclinder(you can check haynes manual or online if you dont know)

Do not overtighten any of these plugs, especially the back, the mechanic i had did one on the back and split the porcelain all over, i was running on 5 cylinders for a little while till i did it myself.

best tools:
-magnet pickup, test it with your plug to make sure its strong enough.
-extensional mirror, kinda what the dentist have but with a long handle so
you can look at the hole and get an idea of angle etc.
-ratchet with extensions
-deep socket ( try and get a padded one, if not be carefull with the new
-some hand cleaner cause i guarantee your hands will be filthy and its easier
without gloves

Best of Luck and i know how you feel! :wink2:

posted by  cowman85

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