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Hey guys,

I drive a 94 plymouth acclaim and I have recently have been experiencing shuttering when driving around 40km. Two weeks ago when i was driving on the highway i had experienced a bad shuddering accompanied with a loud noise almost like a flat that persisted at any speed thereafter. I took my car into the shop and they replaced a ball joint and an inner tie rod end. They also warned me that there was a little play with a CV joint that will need attention later on. When i got my car back everything seemed fine until recently where the shudder has come back withOUT the noise to accompany it like before. The shudder is not as severe as before. Basically what i would like to know is if this could be the CV joint they mentioned or possibly an inproper repair job. I know trying to troubleshoot Drive axle and steering problems is extremely hard on a forum but i would appreciate any insight that anyone can give. Also, can anyone tell me what i ROUGH ballpark figure would be for a CV joint and/or a CV axle. Ive spent enough money on this darn car this month and would like an idea on how much the parts would be. Thanks to anyone who replies. It's greatly aprreciated.

posted by  tyler6262

drive axles anywhere between 100 to 200 for complete shaft did they miss the wheel bearings maybe the play in the ball joint and tie rod lead them to miss this just did one on a 92 caravan fells like ball joint if your not looking

posted by  osborste

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