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Hi, I am 16 and about to buy my first car. I went to a used car place and spotted a beautiful 1995 Ford Taurus GL Sedan 4 door V6.. it is in great condition. It has 103k miles on it and they're asking $2,195 for it. I'm going to check it again but this time my uncle is checking the engine, trans ..ect..
so my question is do you guys think this is a good deal ??
Oh yeah , it also comes with a 3 month warranty and if i want, i can purchase 6 more months..

posted by  Taurus95

Well if you want a Taurus then I guess go ahead...personally I would drive one...for under 5k I would look for

I am assuming you want a 4 door:

Honda Accord late 80's early 90's
Toyota Camry late 80's early 90's
Nissan Sentra late 80's early 90's
Mazda Protegé early 90's

posted by  NISSANSPDR

Any other opinions?

posted by  Taurus95

I own a 1990 Ford taurus GL with the 3.8 V6, and I've had a couple problems with it, but overall, it';s a good car. I'm at 101,000 miles and I've replcaed the MAP sensor, and the entire power steering system. The engine isn't packed that well, so it;s hard to work on it yourself, but it's a good overall 4 door car.

posted by  Godlaus

i personally would not buy an older Taurus because from wht i've heard, they are not very dependable. But go ahead suit yourself.

posted by  jdubya

Well yeah its a little harder to find a good car when you're 16, work in a fast food place and have a $2,200 budget

posted by  Taurus95

yeh, if you really dont mind owning a taurus then it sounds like a good deal. i mean even if there was a problem its a good thing it comes with that warranty!
Make sure you are looking for a car you actually like, not just because you think it’s a good deal.

See when I purchased my car, I was really looking forward to getting a 98 honda civic coupe si or the 2002vw gti. I ended up getting a 2002 lancer oz which was just a couple thousands cheaper because I thought it was a good deal. Now I regret making that move because I honestly wouldn’t mind adding a few 10's to my monthly bill and getting a car I want!. I hate my lancer, wish I never have gotten it.

posted by  Ki2AY

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