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I have a 1984 Ford Mustang and the mods are on my quote, plus I have a Holley Blue Racer Fuel Pumps with fuel regulator set at 9 PSI. I have 3 problems
1. My temperature stays at about or just above 200, I think it is just the stock thermostat not being able to keep up with the power adders I have put on.

2. My car sometimes has a little bad throttle response, and it backfires (no actual fire, just a sputter and pop from the carb). No idea.

3. With my fuel pump we used Russel Stainless Steel braided hose, until it goes under the chasis due to financial restrictions, and Ford decided to run the solid fuel line over the exhaust (prone to vapor lock which I'm hoping wont happen) but I will watch my pressure gauge and at times (not often) but at times it will drop to 3, no throttle change, and I've seen the fuel stop pumping as hard for a second in the clear fuel filter. To help out since I forgot last time the fuel pump is located beside the gastank towards the inside of the car, more towards the front. No idea.

Any help with any of the questions would be GREATLY appreciated. Thankyou

On the thermostat problem most people I have talked to say the power the engine now puts out might be a little overwelming for the thermostat, and also I have been told numerous times that the advertised opening temperature is 190, but it may not open until about 198-203, I'm hoping replacing it with a 180/170 will solve this and if not it is better for my engine anyhow and will only set me back $10.

posted by  Local1984FM

1. If the engine is in fact running hot having the stock thermostat in place is not the problem, unless it is defective. The thermostat regulates minimum temperature, maximum temp is cooling sytem capacity and efficiency.

2. If it's coming through the carb you are probably lean on the carb adjustment or the accelerator pump is not giving a big enough shot. Retarded timing or a defective vacuum advance could also be the culprit. There's a good chance it's a combination of all of the above.

3. You don't say where the fuel pump is located and that is a very important factor in making a call on this. A Holley blue puts out plenty of volume and with the regulator set for 9psi on a mild engine such as yours pressure should never go that low. Please advise.

posted by  vwhobo

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