Help! 132,000 miles on a Ford Contour and no full engine tuneup!

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Can anyone say 'minor crisis'? I need some advice so that I can recommend a method to my dad so that we can keep the Ford acronym from coming true!

posted by  svtdriver86

What are you asking? How to do a tune-up...?

Plugs, air filter, fuel filter

posted by  88GrandPrixSE

I guess I'm just asking if anyone can recommend a good way to get an engine tune-up without the risk of the Ford acronym coming true. Who to use, what parts, etc. I just want to make sure that all of the parts are in working order and there's nothing ready to fail on me. I really love this car, and considering how rare it is, it would be hard for me to find replacement parts or anything like that for a decent price.

posted by  svtdriver86

If the car has 132,000 miles on it, then the acronym is no longer of importance, as ALL cars over that mileage are susceptible to that.

Simply put, there's not much to do for a "tune up" on those cars. NGK plugs, some FRP wires from Ford, Castrol GTX oil, a Fram oil filter and fuel filter, and new K&N air filter oil after you clean your filtercharger.

Since your SVT is a '99, I'd suggest getting the water pump upgraded if it hasn't been done already. That's a ticking time bomb in the pre-2000 V6 Contours.

BTW, sweet ride. I had a Toreador Red '99 SVT, my favorite year for that model.

posted by  ChrisV

i hope you had the plugs removed and checked at some point along the way to you 132000 miles cause if the plugs haven't been removed i'll be surprized that they even come out

posted by  osborste

*shrugs* I'd have to find out about that one. I just recently acquired the car from my dad. He drives an '05 Subaru Legacy 2.5 GT Limited now, and he drove a '02 WRX before that. Thanks for the water pump suggestion, though. I'll look into it.

Thought you guys might want to see a pic or two: jpg
Hot sh!t...yes?
Not the best pic, but still good. I didn't bother to remove the plates in the pic, so don't bitch to me about that.
Rear quarter view. Recently the right side skirt popped out a bit in the front, so I'm going to get that fixed soon.

Unfortunately I can't keep the SVT in a garage since it's currently occupied by a '05 Solara convertible and an '05 Legacy GT, but I try to keep it as clean as I can.

posted by  svtdriver86

Nice SVT....Tropic Green ones are VERY RARE.....only 503 built in 1999 and 207 built in 2000. You should check out the contour enthusiasts group at "" very informative and good site with TONS of good information. Maybe you already know about it. I have the same user id there.
To your question...all the stuff mentioned before and maybe the belts...serpentine and water pump, and the 12 or so different coolant hoses. :2cents:

posted by  gearhead

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