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I am currently in the process of searching for a good set of headers, as well as a good exhaust (cat-back) for my vehicle (given in title.) I am curious if anyone knows of any sites where I can find these items for my particular vehicle and at a reasonable price. I've been doing many searches for these items and either the sites do not have them, or the are a bit too pricey (which could mean I either need to be willing to spend more, or haven't found the right sites). Also so far as the exhaust goes, would I have a better chance getting a good deal, and what I want by going to a local Muffler Man or that type of establishment and expressing what I want, and having them build it for me? Any help is appreciated. So far as the actual type of exhaust I'd like to either go with a duals after the cat, or even dual cats all the way back. Any links to sound files of a 3.4L Firebird would be appreciated to, so I can find what brand would best suit my tastes. Thanks again.

posted by  Flame Roller

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