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hello ya'll...
My name is raphael, i am turning 18 soon, i love cars, btu havent had much expereince with them involving mechanics, etc. I am from CT. and i just purchased a '95 pontiac Bonneville with 170k miles on it. I have a few questions about it.. so if anyone is able to help it would be awesome.
First is:
i pushed the Parking Brake pedal in to test it when i got it the other day and it works. The problem is that it doesn't seem to disengage when i try following the instructions in the manual. i haven't had to drive the car on the rd yet, so it s still parked in my driveway with the parking brakes on. any ideas why it doesnt go off, and how i can fix it ?
the other question is: if it s an automatic car and it doens't roll when it s parked on a small hill, do i really need the parking brake ? i heard it saves the tranmission if u do use parking breaks .. is it true ?

thanks a lot for any help


posted by  Bonniedriver

You are a brave man relying on a pall pin to hold the car on a hill. The handbrake is there for a reason = use it.

posted by  Wally

so hows that bonevill going for you i own a 280zx 79 custom

posted by  Z Racer

the cable might be stuck inside the casing you might or might not get them to release as for the parking brake saving the transmission yes and no it will only reduce the stress on the park pawl in the transmission and cv-joints it won't keep the tranny safe from damage of any other kind

posted by  osborste

It's a Bonneville. They have a pedal for the e-brake. But I do agree with you on using it when parking on a hill.

Many people never use the brake in an automatic, so the cables and rear brake parts associated with the e-brake often become corroded and freeze in place when they are finally used. Seeing as your car has over 170k on the odometer, I would say it's a safe bet as to what happened.

posted by  Gothicaleigh

Yeah the way it looks to me is that what u described is what happened. i asked the previous owner about it and he told me he wouldn't kno, as he owned the car for over 6 yers, but never used the parking brake..
Soo .. the parking brake is still on as of right now .. do u have any idea how i can get down there and disengage it or do i need to bring it to a mechanic ?
thanks for the help

posted by  Bonniedriver

All you need to do is grab a cro-bar and pull back the cable on the drum/rotors whatever it has. Despite what people may say, the parking brake on an auto should never be used, park is quite a bit stronger than people think. In theory it's better to use it if you do every day which no body does need-less to say. On an older vehicle that it's never been used on you're just asking for problems, if you don't know which cable is for the park-brake, take it to a mechanic or if you know someone who knows a bit about cars get them to do it, it's about a 5 second job.

posted by  88GrandPrixSE

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