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I have a 1996 Dodge Neon, SOHC, 5 speed, 2 door, and i was wanting to put new shocks and struts on it. What kind of shocks and/or struts are the best to get? What is the difference between a shock and a strut? I know next to nothing about cars, but i am learning from some friends. I heard that a set of lowering springs would help my cornering, but I don't know what kind of springs to get. I dont want my car lowered more than about 1" or so. How much would that help out my car? Approx. how much would it cost to buy the springs? And If I put lowering springs on my car would I need to get different rims/tires; I have the stock alloy rims and stock tires (which i believe are P185/65R14 )

Any help would be greatly apprecieated, and any other suggestions on ideas for my car are also welcome

Jeff Christener

posted by  jschristener

wasnt 96 a plymouth year?

dont rice that car.....sell it

posted by  325iSe30

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