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I'm pretty much a novice at car repair but I do try to fix what I can.

Two questions:

1) What is the size of the bearing lock nut on the 97 mercury sable?
I have a 1-1/8" deep socket but it is larger than that.

2) Are the wheel bearings replaceable? If yes, how?

I have the haynes manual but it is no help in this area.


posted by  hobbyman

the axle nut could be 30mm 32mm or 36mm for the 30mm try 1 3/16 and 32mm try 1 1/4 and 36mm try 1 5/16 as for the bearings they are replaceable by a hub assembly or maybe it can be pressed apart to replace the bearings most machine shops can do this pressing part

posted by  osborste

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