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I recently replaced a cracked head on my 1992 Ford Ranger 3.0. I changed and reassembled it in a few hours. I marked distributor,sparkplug wires, vacuum lines, etc. I double checked every step. I replaced the head, head gasket, intake gasket on one side only. It was very hard to get to crank and when it did it had almost no throttle(rev.) response and no power at all.
Before I tore it down it ran okay except for overheating and steaming out the exhaust. The overheating and exhaust steam seems to be cured. What are some things that would cause no throttle/rev response?. how is the best way to check for intake leaks?. Should I change the timing?. Just trying to fix my ole truck here. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


posted by  geverhart

Check manifold vacuum, do a compression test.

A few words on timing. If you move or remove a distrubutor, I don't care how carefully you may have marked it, always reset timing because it will always move on you. Mark or no mark.

posted by  DodgeRida67

reading your post you replaced one intake gasket the set comes with two you should have used it you more than likely have an intake leak

posted by  osborste

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