'88 nova from my uncle.

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I have a 1988 Nova with 126000 mile on it. It runs well, but i am bored with stock. I have considered doing something to it, but I am stuckin the no-mans land of ignorance. does anyone have any idea what will add the most power for the cheapest. I am 15 and have no job, so doing anything major is out of the question. I only have this car because my uncle's fiance made him get rid of it. Like i said it is stock with 126 000 miles on it, automatic, and has been sitting in abarn for 1 1/2 years.

posted by  Zepplin89

make it breath a bit better by looking at the intake pipe and exhaust piping. No need for fancy filters, just concentrate on the piping and the whether the filter box would benefit from a bigger intake, for instance.

Aftermarket ECUs can really bring out some extra ponies on many stock engines.

posted by  Wally

i have no money for an ecu :ohcrap: , but i will take a look at the pipes and maybe new ones. i know my exhaust is 1 3/4, which is really small, but i do have a straight thru muffler. Mommy says i need a catylitic converter, but am thinking of chopping it off any way. good thing is i have plenty of time to decide because i get my licnse in august :thumbs:

It has 2 inch pipes, but they're shit.

posted by  Zepplin89

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