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What type of engine does it have?Is the engine made by Chrysler?How much horsepower does it have?How many valves does it have per cylinder?

posted by  vwmaniac

To keep it simple just think of it as a Mercedes SLK320 with different bodywork.

1. Mercedes 3.2L (3199cc) V-6
2. See #1
3. 215 @ 5700 RPM (SAE net)
4. Three

posted by  vwhobo

Damn,I knew I shouldn;t have asked this since you would get the answer off the top.Ahh,anyways who cares atleast it raised my post number to 200. :D

posted by  vwmaniac

202 to be exact. :D

posted by  vwmaniac

nope 204

posted by  SuperJew

lol. 8)

posted by  vwmaniac

The cross-fire is the 1st production from daimler chrysler mercedes merdged with chrysler kinda.

posted by  Car Guy

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