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Hey I'm looking to buy a car and I want a sunroof. I'm looking for a 97-00'. Looking to spend no more than $6000. Anyone know of some good cars with sunroofs? So far I'm looking into a Dodge Avenger and a Pontiac Sunfire.

posted by  Pmutch

Haha, good and Sunfire should never be used in the same... paragraph. If you're thinking cars like that, the Neon R/T would be in that price range, better car too.

posted by  88GrandPrixSE

I take it the sunfire is not a good car? They are a nice looking car but I guess looks can be decieving. My main focus is on the Dodge Avenger, but I'll check out some Neon R/Ts.

posted by  Pmutch

First off, why do you want a sunroof so bad? And for 6 grand you could probably pick up a nice '93 5.0.

posted by  jdubya

Its a nice feature to have. I like to soak in the rays, let the fresh air in. I wouldn't let a sunroof stop me from getting a car but I prefer to have one.

posted by  Pmutch

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