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besides the 2 extra doors this thing looks pretty damm nice

posted by  sofaking

damn i wouldn't commit a crime if my police had chargers

posted by  antiJDM

Damn, from the first pictures I saw of it I didn't like it, but that, damn. The front end looks like that of a Vipers. Looks horny.

posted by  88GrandPrixSE

with 425hp 420ft/lbs trq it should be a damm fun ride...wonder what the price tag is gonna be

posted by  sofaking

Definitely a sexy ass car.

posted by  Zalight

thats gonna be nice, too bad whatever the price tag is, i cant afford it!'d think being a brain surgeon would pay a lot, but not really..........i only make 250,000 dollars a year.


posted by  jdubya

That cop car looks pretty bada$$. I saw some picks of the SRT-8 in cherry red. But I can't find em. Anyone got them handy or know where they are? Should psot em... I thought it looked real nice in red, though black is pretty mean looking.

posted by  boothe

Yeah, that is one sweet ride. I'd say Dodge did a terrific job bringing back the Charger. I don't mind the 4 doors that much, and it's a great way to keep things a little more practical.

posted by  moostang104314

I think the new Charger looks good (even with the 4 doors) but it has almost nthing in common with the original Charger. Like if you look at the OLD Mustang and then compare it to Fords NEW Mustang then you can see many similarities and updates from the past version but Charger has used almost nothing the same as their original. But maybe its just me. I still like the car and hope that they may bring out a 2 door version.

posted by  car_crazy89

Its got something in common. Its mean looking and will make heads turn.

You guys like the SRT-8 better than the base model?

posted by  boothe

i do but i would take either... if they need to name these cars after old popular ones to sell them so be it i guess its sure alot better then the 80's version lmao

posted by  sofaking

Whats the deal with a multiple displacement system?

posted by  boothe

Heres a good page for more information/more pics on the car. Including the cherry red pics someone was looking for, along with some classic paint schemes..

I so want one of these!

posted by  dodgerforlife

I like it... but it seems like it is missing something, it needs something to make it stick out and become a classic.

posted by  c90acm

Here we go, this is the cherry I was thinking of. This is one of the best pics I have seen of the Charger. What you all think, Cherry or Black? Or anyone got other good pics?


NY Auto Show ( how&contentid=4023117&f=9&MSPPError=-2147217380)

posted by  boothe

definitely awesome car.

doesn't it look like they took left over tailights from their dodge stratus' though?

posted by  carls47807


posted by  boothe

he was discussing these:

And also the outgoing Intrpid, which it replaces:

The corner lights with two horizontal bars, either internal to the lens or right below it, have followed numerous dodge models since the Chrysler Portofino show car (where the horizontal slots were grilles)

posted by  ChrisV

I see. Thanx.

What you think of the $23k base price? Curious to see what the SRT-8 comes in on. Any guesses?

posted by  boothe

Holy jebus The cherry... :hi: :drool: I sure hope thatthey will eventually make a real muscle car with no a/c, power steering, cd player, leather, or trim, you know light, quick, but with some of the modern suspension tech so you can go for a cruise and actually not go deaf or kill yourself. with our luck they will, but they will callit limited edition or some bull and charge more. :banghead:

posted by  BenRambow

i heard low 30's not positive on that though but it seems about right

posted by  sofaking

I saw it in Cleveland OH in orange and black on display at a show and walked funny the rest of the day...Awesome piece...I tried to get a test drive...I would have never guessed that they would deny me...

posted by  retrosns

I think they made it look to much like a family car, but it's still fast!!!!!!!!!! :rock:

posted by  toyota

That sounds pretty sweet looking. The SRT-8 styling is just real nice IMO over the standard. And with the pricing definitely not being outrageous it is an interesting proposition. Anyone preordered and actually have a gauge on the going price with all the knick-knacks?

posted by  boothe

No charger site has placed up the "Build Your Charger" app that gives price estimates:

Build Your Charger (

Built up one of each model for a rough idea (with some accesories, though need to play more):

Charger SE ~$23,200
Charger SXT ~$27,010
Charger R/T ~$32,020

posted by  boothe

Cherry. All the way.

posted by  FordFromHell351

Yeah, I am thinking the same thing. Those are easily the best pics of the Charger I have seen. Do you know anything about mango? I guess dodge offers some other cars in mango but not the charger?

posted by  boothe

[QUOTE=jdubya]thats gonna be nice, too bad whatever the price tag is, i cant afford it!'d think being a brain surgeon would pay a lot, but not really..........i only make 250,000 dollars a year.

I wish i made 250k a year!

posted by  x1/9-rally

Don't we all. Anyone spotted a charger on the streets or dealer yet? Been reading things about them coming into dealers for display but haven't seen one myself. Would love some first hand pix...

posted by  boothe

I should go talk nicely to the guys at crestview, see if i can get a test drive...

hahaha actually, i know i could get one, if i just walked in and said i wanted to drive it....thats the best part :)

posted by  dodgerforlife

Which models do they have out on the lot? You looked at the sticker price at all?

posted by  boothe

Interesting article about the charger. First hand experience impresses more than pics:

Charger Preview ( ge_Charger.S180.A8638.html)

posted by  boothe

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