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new member here, just registered after looking at some great posts and feedback. Excellent forum!

Summary: when driving the car (only slow speed so far) there's a random metallic clanking sound emanating from the front of the transmission/rear of the engine. It's been hard to isolate as it only happens when the car is in motion. Easy to hear from even 20-30 feet away.

Background: my son & I are nearing completion on his vehicle restoration project... car has ~65K miles on a rebuilt 3-speed auto, the starter gear occasionally grinds with the ring-gear/flywheel during startup, and the car was absent a lower bellhousing/torque convertor access cover. I can't see anything unusual on casual inspection. Since the lower cover isn't installed I have a hard time thinking this noise is caused by broken flywheel teeth rattling around as they'd have fallen out, sounds more like a loose bolt or something (?)

We plan to replace the starter motor & flywheel to resolve the grinding problem. Any suggestions on the noise source?

posted by  P Csik

one car i worked on had a cracked flywheel around the bolt hole's to the crank was a 305 chevy

posted by  osborste

Well, I had a similiar problem on my 92 Camaro. I was making a left on a busy street when I noticed oncoming traffic was going a lot faster then they should have.. So I gunned it off the turn, and dropped off the curb. After that on turns I would get this thumping sound on the bottom of the car towards the transmission.. Everyone told me it was CV Joints, so I investigated on my own. Ended up it was a transmission mount that had COMPLETELY broken in half. You might want to check that out

Cliff Notes:
- I had similiar problem
- Check your transmission mount(s).

posted by  CoRPS

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