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when i purchased this car, the guy disconnected the cigarette lighter because he lost the part that you light your cigarette with. i want tot hook it back up so i can use my car charger for my cell phone. if anyone can point me in the right direction, i would greatly apperciate it.

posted by  ceppsnc

Well he most likely disconnected one of the wires that feeds into the back of the unit. Stick your head under the dash (take a flashlight with you) and you might find the wire just hanging there. Plug it back in.

If he cut it off, you need to strip the wires and hook them back together. Soldering would be nice also.

It could be that he pulled the fuse also. This is unlikely because there is usually more than just the cigarette lighter on the circuit. But you could check for that also.

posted by  theman352001

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