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I got an '87 Ford Bronco II. 2.9 V6, automatic transmission, 2wd. Everytime I shift into gear, I get this big 'clunk' and it goes forward or back pretty hard everytime. I'vefound that I just need new transmission mounts to remedy that. But I got this gheto problem.
I can't get it to shift out of first gear. I have to let off the gas to get it to shift. It really sucks on hills. I don't know why it just won't shift smoothly. My friend says I just need a new speed control sensor. I'm just curious what else it could be before I go out and buy this sensor.
Anybody have any ideas?
Thanks, Jaxx

posted by  BlueMeanie

ford 2wd trucks rangers/bronco ii and areostars used the a4ld transmissisions they seemed to have alot of problems with have it checked by a good tranny shop they might be able to make adjustments and save it for a bit i had 88 aerostar went through 3 tranny's in 4yrs and my buddy has a 90 ranger has the 3rd one in now

posted by  osborste

That doesn't sound like a very easy fix. :cussing:

posted by  BlueMeanie

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