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I am getting a clunking sound from the back end of my 1995 Neon when it hits a bump. I am assuming it is the rear struts. Any suggestions on how the struts should be changed would be appreciated. If anyone is patient enough to walk me through this step by step would be even better.
Thanks ( not a good mechanic but a stubborn one )

posted by  xyloxylo

Hello I am in the middle of doing my stuts in the rear of my 95 Neon...
She sounds like a BANG when i hit the smallest bump.

But maybe this can you u out.
i have a book called "Haynes Repair Guide - Dodge Neon 95 - 99) and on chaper 10-9 it tells you how to do your stuts... maybe purchase the book. its come in handy for me on my neon repairs (and there are lots of them :)
Maybe search Amazon for the book.....

I also did some google searches for the key words "How to do a Struts replacement" and i came up with some site...,2021,DIY_13695_227810 8,00.html

Maybe some of this might help u.. i dont know.
good luck!
(and wish me luck too)


posted by  cgishack

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