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Hey, i'm sure you guys have heard this question a million times, but I gotta ask. I'm a little tight on cash and while I do like asian imports, I have recently had a massive realization I like the style of American cars aswell. My friend has an 03 Mustang and he's complaining about the problems he has with it but I know that Ford had a crappy near decade with Mustangs during then. First off, what kind of cars can I afford with a 6....7(pushing it, but I can do it...) thousand dollar budget? Is it even worth it with all the problems maintence will cost me? Are my hopes of getting a early 90's Corvette(or similar cars) shattered?

posted by  R3537

You can get an early C4 vette for about that price.. But why not get a LS1 Fbody?

posted by  CoRPS

Would it break down quite a bit?

posted by  R3537

How can anyone ask "What kind of car should I get?" and expect a decent answer??

Uhm, we don't know anything about you!!!!. Lets see; How important is:
Performace? (Now break that down into straight line, cornering, braking, passing ...)
Upgrade availability? (Will you be doing mods, and if so what ones)
Room? (uhm, do you haul stuff, anyone besides yourself, car seats, do you need a "workable" back seat because your mom walks in on you and your dates in the basement....,)
Style? (Break into interior and exterior ... course this one is totally subjective, so why ask anyone else)
Powertrain choices? (6 or 8? Manual need to be available? Looking for 5-spd or 6?)

Bottom line is there are millions of cars out there.... and all will sell to people that have THIER needs met by that vehicle. Unless someone knows something about you .... they can't answer your question.

The only question they can answer is "What kind of car would the responder buy with $6-7K, and Why?"

posted by  Topshelf

Performance is important to me, i'd want to be able to run with a fast car with good handling.
Resale isn't exactly what i'm looking for, but it'd be a plus.
Safety isn't really one of my top priorities either, but again, it'd be a plus.
Hmm....a workable backseat....very very very tempting but I don't know if I REALLY need it. A big plus, but not one of my priorities, trunk space isn't exactly an issue at all.
Personally leather interior would be nice, since I chain-smoke 2 packs a day, the leather would cut down on the smell. Style, I love the 2005 mustang/old school mustang looks, the corvettes from 1991 look pretty sweet.
Maintanence is a definite priority, I don't want to be going into the shop every week.
Good gas mileage would be a plus but not a true priority.
Powertrain, the only thing I really truely require is that it be manual.

I hope this information will help a little bit more...

posted by  R3537

maybe you should try to quit....that would ultimatley cut down on the smell..aswell as saving you about 7 dollars everyday for the whole year...hmmm.seems to me that it adds up to $2,555 dollars every year..then you could afford a better car

posted by  Eclipse_2004

Something with a loud exhaust might be worth considering, to mask the sound of you hacking and spitting up pieces of your lungs and body fluids. :smoke:

posted by  Wally

Well, i'm sure the posts were kind-hearted and everything, but does anyone have any suggestions besides quitting smoking :wink2: ? I'm curious at the reliability of the above corvettes. Also, i'm looking into an MR2 Turbo, for asian imports(aswell as a nissan 240 sx).

posted by  R3537


posted by  ciVicman

MR2 turbos are nice but unfortunately you could only afford a 92 or older model which will then take points away from dependability. if exterior style is a plus to you then a del sol is in your price range. But if you care more about performance then style then an integra GSR would be a good choice. Both the del sol and the integra would be cheap enough to get a more recent year, between 1994-1999, which would help with car trouble and both these cars have very large aftermarket part selections. If you want a car that both looks good and performs well then a civic may be a good choice. the civic also has the largest selection of aftermarket than every other car out there. These cars arent fast stock but with some work overtime they could easily smoke the vette or mustang in any race. well, perhaps not the del sol but it could compete.

posted by  Import-tuner

No, the turbo's don't fight each-other, they actually work together to make more power.

posted by  Bino

lol, I was thinking the same thing.

posted by  CoRPS

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