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I have a 2001 mustang gt. Is their any conversion for the engine to turn it from a 2 valve sohc in to a 4 valve dohc?

posted by  Carlos Traveria

Yeah, get either a Mustang Cobra or Mach One. If you can't do that, I'm not really sure, I think there was a thread on her once that said it is a hard and expensive process, but I don't really know.

posted by  moostang104314

ay yup. It;'d probably be cheaper and WWAAAAYYYY faster to buy a new car. You'd have to change pretty much everything involving the block.

Why do you want those extra 2 valves anyway? It's not for more power, you need more valves if you want to really rev higher, which isn't what american muscle is good for, the corvette C6 Z06 makes 500 horses out of 2 valves/chamber. Why do you want those extra two valves?

posted by  Godlaus

I got the car last october, i want to fix it up and someday put a super or turbocharger on it. my thinking was that two valves will seriously help the charger. Two questions. 1)what else is different in the dohc? 2) can i shitch the two valve heads for 4 vlave heads?

posted by  Carlos Traveria

Not to tellyou to fvck off or anything, but you're probably better off asking at this site;

It'd definitely be easier to put in a new motor. Jacksonville I believe makes superchargers for the GT, and with a chip flasher, you can get a good 120-150 hp more out of your already beastly engine. If you need more than that, well, you'd be better off getting more power from the basics;

underdrive pulleys
magnaflow exhaust
new filter

etc.etc.etc, I'm too bored to list them all.

posted by  Godlaus

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