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does anyone know how to install a jdm led shift knob for my mustang? just came with the shift knob, and a wire coming out of it that split into two ends. it didnt even have any kind of directions. so if anyone could guide me in the right direction of hooking it up i would appreciate it. thank you

posted by  bball4life1088

I think the problem may be that IT'S JDM... No JDM part (IMO) should ever go on a domestic, especially not a damn mustang. get of the LEDs please.

posted by  CoRPS

Get a carbon fiber one of some sort, only nice aftermarket ones IMO. Those LED ones are something I'd expect from the fast and the furious. Besides, there's always going to be an ugly wire dangling down it, there's no way to hide it unless your boot goes all the way to the knob, which it doesn't.

posted by  88GrandPrixSE

If I was him I'd tell you guys to suck it. It's his car, he may put whatever the flying f*ck he wants to on it. If it doesn't please whoever may look at it, they can kiss his ass.

posted by  DodgeRida67

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