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hey, im new to these forums and i have a question: did dodge have a turbo package for 1998 stratuses? the guy i bought if from(which is my uncle) said my stratus(4 cylinder) has a turbocharger and its stock. i'm just now getting into cars(im only 17) and truthfully, i can't tell if it does or not. i'm pretty sure that it does because of the small whistling sound i hear when i open the car up when im driving, but my buddies tell me turbos are supposed to have switches inside the car to turn them on or off, and a pressure guage to see how much air pressure is in the turbo. im really confused on this, but i do know one thing: this car is WAY faster than an ordinary 4 banger, i outran a 2001 stratus that had a v6 under the hood. i know there's sumthing up with this car

posted by  buddywacko

Your friends are idiots and should be slapped. You cannot "turn off" a turbo charger, and you would not want to do that either because, it would decrease fuel mileage by pretty close to haif if the turbine wasn't spinning. Also you don't need a gauge, most vehicles with a turbo don't have a gauge, same goes for superchargers.

Well, a turbocharger looks like a round pipe that goes into a spiral basically. If your headers (where the exhaust leaves the cylinders) go straight to your exhaust system, you don't have a turbo, if there's an extra pipe on there, you have a turbo, that'd be the best way to look for it as a beginner I'd say.

I don't think the 98 Stratus came with a Turbo, I think all it came with were N/A 2.0 I4, N/A 2.4 I4 and an N/A 2.5 V6. If it's a turbo it'll say on the valve cover under the hood, the old ones did anyway. So as for your car having a turbo under the hood, I doubt it, though I could be wrong. I know they had a turbo in 96.

posted by  88GrandPrixSE

the headers are larger than what i'm used to seeing on vehicles. they curve out more so the pipes are longer. i haven't looked under the hood since i posted but i remember looking before. it says on the motor(2.4L DOHC). it doesn't say turbo so if there is a turbo on there it isn't stock. i know something has been done to this car because it will fly. i couldn't believe it outran that stratus rt(neither could the other guy). it only has alot of power at higher rpms tho( i guesss because its a 4 banger)

posted by  buddywacko

Well DOHC engines make a lot of power. I believe yours makes about 150hp. The V6 probably makes about 160. Headers don't have to be bigger for it to have a turbo, some may even argue that the smaller the better (to an extent) with a turbo. It didn't come with a turbo if it doesn't say on it, Chrysler always imprints their powertrain type on the engine. I doubt anybody added a turbo either because it's not really the type of car somebody would put that kind of money into. You're probably just not used to a DOHC engine. They're quite spunky.

posted by  88GrandPrixSE

I would have thought a turbo would be pretty obvious? Just following the air pipe from the filter would tell a story.

posted by  Wally

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