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Wat do you think of an 83 firebird trans am with a new rebuilt 305 H/O from O' Rieleys<<>>>> is it fast, reliable, worth anything, a chick magnet? haha i need to know this.

And if anyone knows anything about a 700r4 transmission than please tell me cuz i hear stuff about it all the time but i dont know anything about it.

posted by  83transam

Well, to answer your questions.
-I've never heard anyone say a stock 305 is fast.
-Chick magnet? HELL NO, We aren't in the 80's anymore (although I do love 3rd gens, I own one :D)
- The 305 is supposed to be a pretty bullet proof engine if you maintain it right.
- Worth anything? I'd say 3K tops if it's really nice.

posted by  CoRPS

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