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I have a 2002 cavalier 2.2L non-ecotec. I am looking to turn it into a race car with a turbo, intercooler, the works. but i am having a hard time finding performance parts for it. If anyone knows where i can find performance parts for my car could you let me know. Right now I am looking for a ECU upgrade. Something that removes my top speed limiter. Also i was considering doing an engine swap but i am unsure what engine will drop in with little trouble. If anyone can answer any of my questions it would really help me out. Thank you.

posted by  Pwright23

Cavaliers need a top speed limiter? :laughing: As far as I know the only engine that will drop in with "little" trouble is the 2.4. I wouldn't suggest making a Cavalier a "race car" either, they're simply horrible cars, would you put your life in the hands of a $10,000 car NEW? I sure as hell wouldn't. Everything about them is horrible when it comes to performance, if you insist on racing one, get a Sunfire, they were built a little better than Cavaliers, they had slightly better suspension. Besides, after you do all this to your Cavalier, you might as well have bought an SRT-4, which would still out-run your Cavalier straight from the factory, giving you more flexibiliy with racing classes. Bang for buck, the SRT-4 would even be better than the Mustang (only talking accel/speed.. Suspension and everything else SRT-4 < Mustang) if you removed the governor (SRT-4's governed at 160 anyway...).That's my :2cents:

posted by  88GrandPrixSE

Thank you for your imput but i don't have that type of money to throw around and buy a new car. Besides i do like my cavalier. I get good gas miliage
(for now) and my car isn't that slow. I can take most cars with the few mods i have done. But like i said i really need to find an ECU upgrade that removes that top speed limiter. Because i really hate having my car cut out at 108 mph. So if ANYONE knows where i can get that ECU upgrade i would really appreciate it. Thank you.

posted by  Pwright23

Check out AEM and Superchips. Then if you decide you want to do an engine swap, get a 3.4 liter V6 out of a 99-01 Pontiac Grand Am.

If you want a cold air intake system, go to these websites.

Ill look around for you and keep you posted!

posted by  FordFromHell351

Magnaflow makes a cat-back exhaust system for your engine for $540


Pacesetter makes a header for your car for about, $146

AEM makes a cold air intake for your car for about $287

Sorry but I cant find any ECU upgrades but, I bet you could take it to your local Auto Shop and have them bypass the top speed limiter.

posted by  FordFromHell351

RSM Racing makes supercharger kits for your car that range from 70-230 HP add and $4299-4799

posted by  FordFromHell351

Another good alternative for an engine swap is a 1.9L Twin Cam 4Cyl. out af a Saturn SC. Those little engines can take on the 80s Camaro Z28s and theyre easy to make fast plus, it would be an easy install.

posted by  FordFromHell351

Wow, possibly instead of being narrowminded idiots we can support the thinking outside of the box ideals. The Cavalier, unlike your illogical friend here, is very good Chevy economy sedan. Only ignorant, biased judgments and views would lead someone who drives a cheap sedan to discriminate on another car built similar to his by the same company. Anywhos, there are quite a few race Cavaliers.

Like the GM dragster pictured here. If you like the bracket racing approach.

Or how about one of the first FWD American sedans to win pro-race at SCCA tournaments. If you like the Autocross apporach.

You can start at these sites for a good majority of your Cavlier performance parts.
ImportPerformance (
RacePerformance (
RSM Racing (

If you're planning on doing some autocross events with your cavalier try to focus on suspension and brakes more than overall power. Start with a good pair of tires and wheels. Then work your way up to coilovers, sway bars, strut bars, polyurethane bushings, and larger brake rotors. If you're determined to keep your non-Ecotec engine, RSM racing offers a variety of supercharger and turbocharger applications for your engine and the Ecotec if you do plan on swapping. Get yourself a nice exhaust system that includes the header. Allow your engine to breathe better by buying a simple intake and possibly a good intake header. Those sites I gave you will give you a basic list to upgrades you'll need to start with in order to get your Cavalier performing better than the rest on the road.

posted by  DSMer

Nicely put, but tell me, how do you get those pictures at the bottom of your posts, Id like to put some pictures of my cars on here.

posted by  FordFromHell351

I also have a 2002, 2.2 liter and in regards to all the hate i see twords our cars, they are great lil cars. I have installed an AEM cold air intake and a magnaflow dual exhaust so far and it runs great and it may not be the fastest car but they can hold their own. Im also interested in throwing a turbo on mine but ive heard of some things that sound like they could be problems for throwing one on a 2.2 but id like more info on it also, and if you do find a good ecu let me know.

posted by  xXJaZeRXx

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