no pipe from converter will it hurt my car?

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the exhaust pipe leading from my catalytic converter to muffer had been unhooked and i drove a few days like that... it was real loud i ended up hookin it back up. But was there a chance of doing any damage.
my car has a 5.7 350

posted by  79olds

No, it wouldn't have hurt anything but your eardrums.

posted by  ChrisV

I seriously doubt it hurt the motor.

I know how loud it can be. I have a Chevy 350 in my Monte Carlo and drove it to the exhaust shop with open headers. Wow was it loud, but it sounded so cool, lol. I bet my neighbors didn't like it a whole lot. :mrgreen:

posted by  76MonteMan

a four cylinder will be loud with open headers. My friend had his whole exhaust fall off, it didn't exactly purr, but you certainly also didn't expect that from an old school 4 bang domestic. People would actually ask him what he has in it at stop lights and stuff. When he told me that I just laughed. But per the question... only damage you could do would be smoke coming into the lower part of the interior, might smell a little, but this is only if the bottom of your body isn't doing so well.

posted by  Flame Roller

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