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Sorry if this has been posted before, but i couldn find anything when i did a search. I have a 98 Grand Caravan... last summer I had the compressor and evaportor replaced on it. Now about 4 months after these repairs were made water starts leaking into the drivers side of the van. I also noticed vapour mist coming out of the vent and... (yes there is more) When I turn a corner, and I swear I can hear this but it sounds like there is a puddle of watter behind the dash that is sloshing back and forth as the car turns.

Any Ideas what this can be? Is it easy to fix? something as simple as a blocked drainage line or disconected one? Ideas are welcomed.... and if anyone knows what it costs to fix...

Many Thanks...

posted by  Otter

it sounds like your evaporator drain line may be clogged, pinched, or just plain not there. i would take it back to whomever changed the evap, and have them check the drain... in this case it would most likely be an oversight on their part, unless it is clogged...

posted by  dodger65

check under the front behind rf wheel rack and pinion area looking for a rubber drain tube as the humidity is taken out of the air with a/c on the water is suppose to drain out might be plugged filling heater/ac box

posted by  osborste

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