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I would like to know if a eclipse v6 engine will fit into a 2002 chevy cavalier.

posted by  Pwright23

yeah, but you have to bungee the trunk shut... :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

posted by  dodger65

not without "little trouble"

i think we've established that "anything" can be done. it just takes time and money, and knowledge. what kind of question is this?

posted by  carls47807

thats a good one, but i know my cavy has a small trunk opening and its hard to fit anything in so u might have to tie it to the roof :laughing: :laughing:

posted by  xXJaZeRXx

i will be honest with you, i have a friend that has an eclipse and the engine is crap. we both have fixed it time and time again. he has put over 5000 dollars in just repairs. so i think maybe you should do some mods to the engine you have now. it will be more cost effective and more reliable.

posted by  frizzal

As ignorant and/or biased as people are towards cavaliers. They're actually really good cars, highly modifiable.

If you're going to buy an eclipse engine (and only if it was the GST), you might as well drop a supercharger, or a turbo kit in the cavalier. It will outrun a non GST eclipse anyday. Shit, my crappy little sunfire SFI 2200 engine out accelerated a base 2003 eclipse from a dead stop. The guy probably felt like an asshole trying to beat me off the line.. (and he had the pedal floored) and end up seeing "Cavalier LS" tags on the back of the trunk.

They make so many performance parts for cavy's. Headers, etc, they even make non-ecotec, SFI 2200, turbo kits if thats what you have. They run around $2800 for top end, and add up to 270hp if you go for the extreme ball bearing kits.

Dont give up on the cavy engine, with some money and time, you can find that power that you want. It's there, just hidden.

edit: The "petal" floored? No wonder I beat him, he was racing with some flowers, that or I cant spell :doh:

posted by  chucklez

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