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I’m thinking a good mod for the Fiero would be a Cold Air Intake. I need to know a good brand, that’s reasonably priced. It is to fit my 350 TPI... any one have any idea what kind of HP increases I should expect?

posted by  TheFieroKid

any brand is fine a filter is a'll add 10 to 16 hp and bout 16 pounds of troque

posted by  skaterpunk92988

nice fiero, teach me how you put the 350 in there :)

posted by  carls47807

You just need a V-8 Archie kit, costs about 5 grand, and you need about 100hours of free time.

posted by  TheFieroKid

Intakes dont give a set amount of horsepower or torque, its based on a percentage. I have an AEM intake and i would recomend it, i like it alot, its a little on the pricier side but it was worth it for ma cav.

posted by  xXJaZeRXx

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