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well, i had it for three days, an then i broke it...

it was a joke...
'93 F150, 138000+ miles, engine has 62,000+ miles on it

1) when braking to a complete stop from any gear over 1st, or don't allow it to downshift into 1st (E40D tranny) if i'm not careful it will stumble and die
i can shift it into neutral and coast up to the stop, put it in gear when fully stopped and i'll be fine
also, in a related problem (i believe it is at least) when cold, i can start it and sometimes it will die within seconds of starting, when it does this it gives the same symptoms as above when i come to a complete stop, and it also will sometimes die when just putting it into gear (reverse or drive)

2) the trans "acts funny"
* when shifting into reverse, it won't go directly into reverse, i'll have to give it a good amount of gas, it doesn't jam into gear or anything, but will smoothly start to back-up, it almost seems like it's supposed to do that

* when driving at high speeds (60+ MPH) if i floor it, it will kick down into passing gear, get out of it, then it will accelerate for about 20 seconds, then for 2 or 3 it sounds like it drops into neutral and revs up, then drops back down and accelerates again

other than those two problems, and one or two little "character flaws" i love it
feels good to actually have a real, reliable vehicle to tool around in
a christmas gift to myself i guess...

posted by  asa67_stang

I guess this means the El Camino made the trip.

Yes you certainly do have issues. Before doing anything to it you need to scan it for codes. I have a sneaking suspicion you'll find three or four then troubleshoot it from there. I hope you're getting a scan tool for Christmas.

posted by  vwhobo

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