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Do those "speedchips" that you hook up to the air intake sensors really work? I'm 16 and dumb and bought one lol....theres just a little thick wire thats about it.

posted by  skaterpunk92988

hey i wondered about that too... i had a friend that told me not to put one in my car that itd ruin it, but then my boyfriends dad who rebuilt a 79 camaro from the ground up showed one to me... so im really not sure, i heard they work, but i dont know if they are good or anything or if there is a possibility of them hurting anything... but let me know how it works out

posted by  xXJaZeRXx

I've looked into them and they may add 1-2 HP but definitely not worth the $8-$25 that people spend on them off of ebay and stuff like that. I've seen some that are just resistors and some that are like your said "thick (heavy resistance) wire. The only thing it does is TRICK your ECU into thinking that it is COLD AIR coming into your intake because it resists the air temperature sensor so your ECU automatically adjust the timing and fuel only to increase it by 1-2 HP IF THAT!!! In MOST cases it permanently pops your check engine light and as i said earlier its hardly worth the money spent!
Here to help & learn :thumbs:

posted by  chris_watkins87

yeah dont buy them off of ebay..i found a website that explains how to do the mod in about 5 minutes. als you need is alittle resister and your set...but it says you must only run Premium Unleaded Fuel while the mod is installed, otherwise its not good for the engine

posted by  Eclipse_2004

Man i'm not going to lie to anyone...even with premium fuel that does not help your engine with the mod chip. IT IS A RESISTOR. the kind you can get at radioshaq in a 5 pack. dont believe me???? well find out the OHM's you need for your car go to radio shaq and buy FIVE of them for 99 cents. I'm dead serious they don't work and permanantly pop your check engine light i used to have one on my '03 neon sxt n now i have an '02 focus SVT. If you insist getting one put the money into a diablo racing chip and do it right. THESE people your are buying them from pay about 20 cents for them anyway and how much are you paying for them? ALL it does is take the heat that would normally go to the computer and use it to heat up the resistor so instead your engine getting a correct reading it gets 10-15 degrees lower (depending on the resistor) and in return confusing your computer to adjust the timing and firing. And of course they are going to tell you to run PREMIUM because W/O a "mod chip" that boosts the performance by acceleration and throttle response which in turn is going to make you think the "chip is working which its not its the higher octane level in the gas. If you dont wanna pop your check engine light and you dont want to TRICK your ECU but actually make colder air come into ur intake manifold invest in cold air intake or NO2. BE smart about whatever decision you make.

posted by  chris_watkins87

most of those homemade chips are going to lead to problems, IE hurt your engine. To much fuel/o2 being added and cause lead to issues, be careful

posted by  Voda48

Ya, you need to be careful. You may get something that could permenately screw up your engine.

posted by  StiMan

to answer all those questions about those expensive mod chips you would buy at ebay,DON"T DO IT> go to radio shack and buy one for 5 for 1.00 its simple. its a 100k ohm resistor, not a chip. you unplug your temp sensor on your cai, and bridge the resistor to the inputs of the plug going to your ecu. now the question is does it work, yes!! but what they don't tell you is that once you do that, you must unplug you battery to reset your ecu, to take in the new information, that the air is colder than what it really is. changes are reversable, just unplug and reset your ecu, and thats it. For each 10k resistor it decreases temperature of by 20 degs.

Temps and Numbers:
At 104°f outside the sensor has 16.15K ohms resistance
At 86°f outside the sensor has 24.27K ohms resistance
At 68°f outside the sensor has 37.30K ohms resistance
At 50°f outside the sensor has 58.75K ohms resistance
At 32°f outside the sensor has almost 100K ohms resistance


I have one on my 2000 cavalier, it boosted a noticable increase, but i only use it on the strip. other mods i have done to are.
-cold air intake
-exhaust 3 inch from header back
-vairbale resistor mod
-turbo (8psi)
-turbo timer
-tunable boost control
-nitrous oxide, (sneaky peat system) those are fun.. easy to hide too.
those are the only mods i did, to the engine. the outside is pure stock. hehe, can you say sleeper.
take note make fun of my cavalier, but race me for pinks and ill own your car.
well i hope i answered your question about the resistor mod/chip. i would ONLY use for the STRIP. Long time use may cause damage to your engine, running richer = hotter detonation = engine damage. trust me. im on my 3r engine, but this one is build professionally to take the extra mods. well those are the secrects of the so called RESISTOR MOD aka CHIP MOD>>

posted by  zroheat

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