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I was watching Back to the Future the other day when I saw this station wagon and found myself at a loss as to what it was, exactly. I'm pretty sure it's an 80's Chrysler, Dodge, Plymouth, or any of those... but I don't know what make it is.

It bears a stirking resemblance to the Dodge Magnum, even it's wheels look like the Magnum's wheels I think.

Anyone have any idea what this station wagon is, exactly? I don't... but I'd like to know. It would be pretty cool to have one.

posted by  badgerface

amc eagle 4x4 station wagon 1980-85-86

posted by  osborste

<< like he said. AMC Eagle, friend of mine actually has one lol

posted by  dodgerforlife

Yep, one across the street from my house :laughing:

posted by  Bubba

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