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I'm a begginer with cars and want to work on my 01 mustang gt. Knowing that future modifications will made, i ask what are some good upgrades to begin with, using a $3,000 budget? i know the exhaust is the best starter but, what about replacing the stock intake with a P-51 intake and THEN buying the K/N airfilter that will fit that one. i also want suspention work(including lowering the car almost 2 inches). I pretty much want to know what should be done first so i wont end up replacing upgrades to accomidate future upgrades, example (Buying a K/N cold air system for the stock intake when i know i want to replace it with the P-51 intake, which requires a larger cold air system). This car is my daily driver. I thank you for anyhelp.

posted by  Carlos Traveria

An ECU upgrade

posted by  abless

There's a chip flasher for mustangs from 95 or up (or something like that) that gives 50 horses to the Cobra, and around 25-30 for the GT. That costs 200 bucks. Otherwise, I would spend money on some sticky tires, after all, it doesn't matter how much power you have, if you can't get it down to the ground. Check out some reviews for tires by independant studies, or by consumer reports.

Abless: BRAKES???!?!?!?!?!? what do you think 1st gear at 80mph is for?

posted by  Godlaus

A blown engine, a busted transmission, and a wrecked car. :hi:

posted by  DodgeRida67

Well first off, lets put some tires on her first man. I would suggest going with the new Bridgestone G-Force Drag Radials. THEN lets go with a new intake system. Id go with Holley all the way and then the K&N Air Intake Kit along with a new Ford Racing 75mm Mass Air flow sensor, and a 75mm BBK Throttle Body. Get your ECU upgrades from Superchips and if you wanna do some damage in the cornering area, go with Bilstein or Eibach.

Hope this helped you man. :thumbs:

posted by  FordFromHell351

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