How to make a Fifth Avenue look "Cooler"?

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Okay my dad has a 1985 Chrysler Fifth Avenue (said i can have it) but it looks alittle too plain. Its even got Pontiac hubcaps (you can see the little symbol on a couple of them). Its not a bad car, i hated it at first but i'm starting to like it now but i was wondering what can be done to make the car look more of a teens car and not an old guys car. I was thinking a nice set of Cragars (maybe 15X8) and some shackles or more leafs to raise the back alittle (sits kinda low). Its white with the white vinyl top and grey interior. I dont want anything major, just some small things to make it look better, inside and out and even under the hood maybe. Any help or opinions would be appreciated. Thanx

posted by  car_crazy89

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