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Oil light comes on and stay's on. I've checked the oil and it is up to par. I was wondering if it could be a sensor or maybe an oil pump problem or something else. The car has about 93,700 miles on it. And I know everything under the hood is original. If someone has an answer or could piont me in the right direction, I would appreciate it Thanks

posted by  tishon9514

I could be wrong, but it's most likely what you said: sensor, maybe pump. That's my opinion feel free to correct me.

posted by  Trickett

1 if it's the oil pump you need to get a psi gauge to test for oil pressure if no oil pressure then pump is gone
2 you could spend appox 40 buck's replace the sensor and hope thats the problem and save the repair fee
you don't know if you have oil psi so dont drive it have it towed to the shop if you can't do the repairs
$40 for sensor
$200 or more for oil pump
$1000 or more new engine

posted by  osborste

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