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ok the new gto has like 340 hp y isnt it all over the streets and is there any problems with it

posted by  MoB YuNGuN

GM fell short of the expected quota for the GTOs, partially because they didn't advertise aggressively enough. Car and Driver rated it at 1 point less (out of 300) than the new ford mustang, which isn't bad considering it costs 7 grand more. The main scare factor? I have no idea. Sounds like a good car to me. I'd take one over the new mustang (but, then again, I really don't like this generation of GTs)

posted by  Godlaus

GTO's are either 350 or 400 hp, depending on the year (LS1 vs. LS2).

If I had to guess as to why they didn't sell, I'd say it's probably the styling, which is pretty bland (especially if placed next to the 05 Mustang, proably the GTO's most direct competitor).

posted by  Martian

and it is a pretty quick buggie, I'd definitely take one, but I am not about to go buy one for how much they cost, although if ya are in that neighborhood I'd say the car is something GM has done halfway decent in recent years. Other reason I wouldn't buy one, I am holding out till the 07 'Maro comes out :hi:

posted by  Flame Roller

Hmm since gas prices are goin up, maybe people aren't looking for a 6.0L V8 car to drive around...unless they can afford it :smoke:

posted by  ed_7702

It could be because of the rising gas prices but it could also be cause it looks almost like the Grand Prix/Grand Am (whichever one it is) and not everyone likes the style of them. Not a lot of people see the sense in having big amounts of horsepower or torque and therefore tend to stay away from those kinds of cars. I dont really see a problem with high hp or tq, the more the better but obviously i'm not everyone and dont think like some peole.

Sorry, i may have mixed up the question, if so then ignore my post.

posted by  car_crazy89

I think the reason you don't see many GTO's on the streets are for some of the reasons mentioned above. The styling isn't very far out, the price is hefty compared to a Mustang GT, and it's not in everyone's interest to buy a gas guzzler, although that doesn't play such a big role. My guess is there is only a handful of younger people with enough money to buy the GTO, and there aren't a lot middle aged, executive men going out to buy the 400 horsepower muscle car.

posted by  moostang104314

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