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well about the first part if the two engines are the same, which they are, then yes, the intake will fit. about the second part i doubt it because of the different chassis/frame construction.

posted by  SuperJew

I was hoping sombody would confirm the engine info. THANKS for your help. I do know that the intake manifold on the T-bird is a composite (plastic) material that is prone to cracking and I am thinking of modding the t-bird a little and figured the intake was the weakest link in the chain. Everything after that I can find. Headders, underdrive pulleys exhaust, ignition, transmission work and differential. So the road begins again V8's are great.


posted by  jdz97tbird

What have I preached about assumptions my young Jewish friend? Yes, the engines are the same but the installation is slightly different. Because of that the OE manifolds are not directly interchangable, but can be made to work with some mods. So answer #1 is maybe, ask the manufacturer (what a bizarre concept).

The Mustang and the T-Bird are both Fox body platforms so many, not all, parts are interchangable. Again there is no blanket answer to this question, that's why every aftermarket manufacturer I know of has a tech help desk, use them.

posted by  vwhobo

Will an aftermarket "performance" intake manifold from a 97 4.6L mustang engine fit on my 97 4.6L Tbird? If so are most engine, transmission and rearend parts for both cars interchangeable. Or if someone can point me to a good source on this question I would appreciate it. I just bought the Tbird from my mother and want to get a little more perfomance out of it she was the original owner and drove it like, well a mother would.

Thanks for the info in advance. :twisted:

posted by  jdz97tbird

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