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Hey i was wondering i have an '02 focus does neone know for sure whether or not an intake will help performance or will it just make it look nicer....
also in the market for new toyo proxes 4 (215/45/17 or 215/40/17) lemme know if anyone has good prices

posted by  chris_watkins87

Of course it will help!!! An engine is basically a big air pump. Anything helping you get more cold air into your engine will increase the performance of you car. nice car choice by the way. I love the Ford Focuses, especially the SVTs. Ive driven a Saleen model with the N20 system from the factory in it. I was thinking about buying one and trading in my 98 Bonneville SSEi for it, but I didnt really have enough money at the time or I would have. Plus my Bonneville would smoke it, no contest.

As for tires, I wouldnt go with Toyos, the new Bridgestone G-Force tires are what you should look into.

posted by  FordFromHell351

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