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i have a 2002 cav and it happens to be a sedan. has anyone ever made the rear doors suicide? if so i was wondering how. i am planning on doing it.

posted by  frizzal

Doable but you'd better believe it's a huge pain in the ass.

posted by  DodgeRida67

i figured it would be a pain. got any hints to make it easier for me? if not its cool ill just experiment. it cant be worse than the bullshit im doing in iraq right now.

posted by  frizzal

All you need to do is switch the hinges and the latching mechanism. The hard part comes from properly aligning the hinges so their axis are in the same plane. You will also have to cut the front side of the door in order to fit the latch. If you have power windows, you will also need to redirect the wiring harness.

Otherwise, it shouldn't be too much work.

posted by  theman352001

thanks man. i thought that it couldnt be that terrible. its just a lot of tedious work.

posted by  frizzal

there may be more to it than that...
unless you want the door handles on the hinge side, you're going to have to move those too. Otherwise, opening them would be weird.

posted by  hondaman

i also plan on shaving the door handles so the moving the door handle is not a problem.

posted by  frizzal

I think you are going to run into alot more problems then you think. For one the door handles will be on the wrong end of the door.

posted by  jarvisx2000

That's already been mentioned and he said:

Interesting to me. Don't discourage the guy. :mrgreen:

posted by  DodgeRida67

thanks for the hand there dodge. i do think it will be a good look to the car. i just have to make it out of iraq and ill be able to do it.

posted by  frizzal

sorry about repeating hondaman, it is a cool idea but what is 'shaving the door handles' gonna do exactly?

posted by  jarvisx2000

it will smooth out the body lines and it keep me from having to move the things. i like the way shaved doors look. it's a real custom thing.

posted by  frizzal

Ok, a couple things...

First off:


Let's examine this carefully. On the stock doors, there are two hinges, one just below the top of the door under the window, and one at the bottom. Having two gives strength to the hinges and keeps the door lined up in mor ethan one axis (think how many hinges the door to your house has). If you move the hinges to the rear, you don't have much room to put two in, and they would have to be close together negating some of that axial strength. You COULD use one larger, fatter hinge that has a little more strength, but it would take serious reinforcement (the rear of the car was never designed to support the weight of a door, like the A or B pillars and cowl area)

Second, at the front of the door, the hinge is actually rearward of the leading edge of the door, and when you open it, the leading edge actually goes INTo the body area behind the door. The rear is a solid panel with no room for the door edge to go in, so the door has to swing out-ward on the hinge as well as pivot. You'll actually have to copy the hinge design used on the '61-67 Lincoln:

http://www.sff.net/people/mckitterick/Lincoln/12-18-2002/64LincolnPass-Side -Long.JPG

Notice how the door swings out away from the body.

Here's how the hinges work:

http://www.sff.net/people/mckitterick/Lincoln/12-18-2002/64LincolnDriver-Do or.JPG

posted by  ChrisV

hey man i thank you for the explaination of things. but i have a few ideas. the rear pannel i can actually notch and then reinforce. it will take some time and will take alot of work. i plan to use a single large hinge to support the door. i beleive that will do it all justice. when i get back to the states it will be a project that is not quite at the top of my list so im trying to get as much advice on the subject as possible. it will be alot of work and a lot of time but i think it will be worth it later on.

posted by  frizzal

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