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I just got a pic of my 84 GT up. What do you guys think???? :mrgreen:

posted by  FordFromHell351

What makes it special?

posted by  NISSANSPDR

Not too bad, its pretty cool. Its not my favourite year but i like the look of it and also the headlight cover things. Nice job. Do you do any kind of racing with it? (street, strip)

posted by  car_crazy89

Well for starters its got a 351W with a Holley 850CFM Demon carb, Edelbrock Victor heads, Ford Racing valve springs, pushrods, valves, and rocker arms, MSD distributor, plugs and plug wires, Edelbrock Performer RPM intake, K&N air filter, Probe industries crank, pistons, piston rings, connnecting rods, bearings etc. Ford Racing camshaft, Hooker Headers, Tremec T-5 manual tranny, B&M short throw shifter, Flowmaster Super 40 mufflers and straight pipes, the list goes on and on and on.

posted by  FordFromHell351

Hell yes. It ain't all show and no go. I do street and strip racing. Last time she was out at the strip it ran a 11.46@124MPH. I hardly get any takers on the streets, and if I do they soon learn not to do it again lol

posted by  FordFromHell351

By the way, it ran an 11.46@124MPH. And that was without the drag slicks, just street radials.

Nice 300Z. She a Turbo? Maybe even a Twin Turbo? Looks like fun. :thumbs:

posted by  FordFromHell351

who needs a fast car when you can crush the opposition:smoke:, meet kittens... -truck-ride.jpg

posted by  Richymartin

I liem the 351W motor. My friend's father has a 66 drop top 'Stang with a 351W and a blower. Pulls extremely hard.

posted by  thunderbird1100

The 351 in the small compartment can be a problem, thus people using a 302 stroker (eg 347).

This is a nice install of an XR8 in a '66 Mustang:

posted by  Wally

The 351W is a decent engine to build up, as it at least uses the 302 mounts to fit in the Fox Mustang. the Fox Mustang I built used a mildly built 460 to get 600+ hp and 700 lb ft of torque. It only ran 12s in the quarter, but it did so on low profile autocross tires and 3.0 rear gears... (so it still pulled over 1G laterally)

posted by  ChrisV

Are you sure? Those cars were extremely light compared to the other Mustangs, and with 600+HP it should be in the high to mid 9s if it was properly tuned (suspension, rear end, tranny, etc.) I would have gone with some 4.10 gears.

posted by  FordFromHell351

Oh...the tires. That must have been a burnout machine lol

posted by  FordFromHell351

I didn't build it to be a drag racer. With 4.10s the top speed wouldn't have been over 110-120 mph, and would have needed more gears in the trans (the built C6 is only a 3 speed, but it ddiont' cost stupid dollars like a 5 speed or OD trans would have been behind that 460 would have cost).

posted by  ChrisV

They gripped pretty decently for accelleration, though not like drag slicks would have. But the main thing was very stiff road race/autocross suspension that didn't allow for rearward weight transfer.

I built a 460 '79 Capri for drag racing that ran low 12s with a bone stock '74 Lincoln 460. It was supposed to get replaced with a 514 when it died, but it never did and the guy I built it for never changed it out (even though the 514 was sitting on his engine stand). It didn't have the top speed as the 460 Mustang, but the suspension allowed for rearward weight tansfer (and pulled the fron wheels nicely).

posted by  ChrisV

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