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I have my step-daughter's Skylark. It runs great and starts great when cold. When it gets warm (not overheated) the temperature light comes on and the engine quits. Temperature gage indicates normal. After 20 minutes, car will start and run perfect. I think there is no spark when this happens. Any ideas really appreciated. Thanks.

posted by  einstein9

on a 92 buick skylark it shows 2 engine's a 2.3L and a 3.3L
there's 2 temp sensor's one for the gauge and one for the computer the sensor for the computer maybe faulty and telling the computer the engine is overheating which the computer may shutdown the engine/fuel/spark

the other posiblity is the computer temp sensor is bad and you need to confirm this by having it tested the ignition module or coils are also going bad for the posible no spark condition

posted by  osborste

Yes, it is a 3.3L. Can you tell me where the two temp sensors are?
A friend told me yesterday that "The ignition module below the spark plug quad (with the plug wires coming from it) may be getting overheated.
If true, could the heat conductive paste used under the module be dried up and not allowing cooling? He suggested removing that module, applying new paste, and replacing the unit. Do you have an opinion? Thanks...

posted by  einstein9

you might want to check the crank position sensor. i just fixed a cutlass that ran perfectly for 40 minutes at a time, then would stop dead. later, it would start again. so run it till it dies and check the sensor. or, for $15 at autozone, just change it. btw, if the module is overheating (and it does happen) changing the heat sink compound will probably not work. maybe, but i'd bet no...

posted by  dodger65

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