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Hey guys im not going to pretned like i know what im talking about so i've been looking into buying parts for my car like headers, header back exhaust, throttle body and spacers, cold air intake stuff like that but i cant find it anywhere for my make but i think as long as i know the block size for the car i should be alright? but anyways if i could get some help on where could find the stuff im looking for i would appreciate it. Its a 3.9l V8. Any ideas on what to do?

posted by  DirtyBilly

Are we talking about a Lincoln LS or some kind of Chevrolet with the LS trim level? Probably the former...

posted by  hondaman

Yea its a lincoln ls yr 2000

posted by  DirtyBilly

That's an interesting idea. I'd love to see it done! I wonder what the LS would be like with a whole new engine though. Doesn't Ford have a crate 5.0 liter V8 you can buy? That would be a hell of a car.

posted by  moostang104314

Yes, they do. That would be an awesome set up. I would go with a bigger engine than a 302 though, Lincolns are big cars...maybe something like a 351 Cleavland or Windsor maybe a 390.

posted by  FordFromHell351

hmmm i will look into that, yea i thought it would be interesting too but its kind of hard to find the performance stuff im looking for aside from just dropping a whole new block under the hood because really the cars made for class not performance but the car is stock about 252hp :thumbs: but yea anyways you guys know or recommend a place where i can find what im looking for or anything you think i should do...all ideas are appreciated and thanks!

posted by  DirtyBilly

Put some flowmasters or a Borla exhaust system on there. And a supercharger would be nice, but fuel economy would become a rather large issue.

posted by  hondaman

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